ftExtra 0.1.0 Unreleased

  • Support markdown footnote with colformat_md. Currently, one footnote per a cell is allowed, and it must be located at the end of the cell content (#22).
  • Add footnote_options() to configure options for footnotes (#23).
  • Support formatting markdown texts on header with colformat_md(part = "header") (#23).
  • Support single- and double-quotes by a lua filter (dfc82e0).
  • Support attributes with Span, Link, and Code. Useful attributes include the .underline class and the color, shading.color, and font.family attributes (#24).
  • Support inline code (#25).
  • Add the md_extensions and pandoc_args arguments to colformat_md() and as_paragraph_md() (#26, #29).
  • Support citation. Bibliography can be inherited from YAML front matter of an Rmd file (#27, #29).
  • Support math on macOS and Linux (#30), and on Windows (#31).
  • Fix character corruptions on Windows by forcing UTF8 (#31).
  • Use pandoc citeproc when YAML frontmatter contains the bibliography field (#31).

ftExtra 0.0.3 2020-08-30

  • Patched to pass “CRAN Package Check Results for Package” where r-patched-solaris-x86 fails because of missing pandoc.

ftExtra 0.0.2 2020-08-29

New features

ftExtra 0.0.1 2020-03-20

  • Add colformat_md() which parses markdown text in the body of the flextable object.
  • Add separate_header() which separates header into multiple rows based on regular expression.
  • Add span_header() which separates header into multiple rows based on regular expression, and spans them if the adjacent values share the same value.
  • Add with_blanks() which inserts blank columns based on the semantics of dplyr::select.
  • Add as_flextable.data.frame to convert data frames to flextable.
  • Add as_flextable.grouped_df to convert grouped data frames to flextable.